The Delta Collection

Perfect Your Putting Game, Decrease Your Strokes.

The Delta Putt

Improve Your Game

The Delta Putt is one of the best golf training accessories. With it, you get instant feedback on your stroke path and putter face position at impact. You can always adjust your set-up until you are able to consistently track the Delta puck down the target line. The Delta putt has a three-sided triangle puck that gives you the result of your performance in every stroke. The feel is instant! You just know what you did wrong or right to make the puck react the way it did.

It is also perfect for all skill levels. This set of golf accessories is compact so it travels with you, and enables you to play from the comfort of your home, hotel room or anywhere you are.

The Delta collection comes in three packs: The Delta Putt, The Delta Dueler, and the Delta Dueler Combo.

See The Line

The design of the Delta puck allows you to see down the line to the intended target.

Get Instant Feedback

The Delta Putt gives instant feedback so you know when the putting stroke is perfect or imperfect and make the required adjustments.

Improve Your Putting

The quickest way to lower your golf score and handicap is too make more putts! This is exactly what the Delta collection does for you.

The Delta Putt

Take your game to the next level, with The Delta Putt.

Pick your side! With three sides offering different skill levels, our Delta Putt Puck will give you instant feedback on your stroke based on your skill level.

The Delta Putt & Dueler Combo


Get both the Delta Putt and Dueler in the same package and for less.

Practice on the Delta Put while waiting for your turn with the Delta Dueler

The Delta Dueler

The Delta Dueler is a golf training aid for improving your putting while at the same time offering family fun and entertainment.

The game is similar to shuffleboard but played with your own putter and Delta Pucks.

- Corey Milner (FL, USA)

Most useful putting aid I’ve ever tried. Incredibly clever design, so simple that the value might not be obvious until you use it, but as soon as you do, boy oh boy. Useful for training but better still for testing, i.e. shows you immediately what your putter is doing. Ideal for comparing putters, the puck doesn’t lie. This is one of those ultra clever little things that should be in every club fitter and pro shop.

-Billy Gore,

Once I began playing with the Delta Putt, I quickly became sort of addicted – my first experience with the Delta Putt lasted more than 45 minutes! Strategy: The goal is to hit the puck straight every time, which is not easy as the puck has 3 sides – an Amateur, Pro and Tour side, with each progressive side getting more challenging. Once you get good at the Amateur side, you progress on to the Pro, and then the Tour (which I am still trying to master).

–Randy Kelly

With this product I know where the club hits the mat and realized how far off the mark I was. I improved as I practiced and I bought an extra one in case i wear out the first one. No more guessing about if you hit the right spot.

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