About Us

Paul Russo
Paul Russo

My name is Paul Russo, I am a serial entrepreneur with I Putt Better, LLC being my newest addition.

Golf is such an amazing sport and way of life, I knew I wanted to be part of it.

Why I Putt Better?

When looking at our flagship products the Delta Putt, Delta Dueler, and the Delta Dueler Combo pack over the past couple of years, I was trying to decide:

(1) should I start a golf equipment company; (2) what would I name this company.

While driving home on day I thought, if as a golfer, what do I want to do better? My immediate answer was…I want to Putt BetterHence…I Putt Better LLC came to life.

We all know…Drive for Show and Putt for Dough…

Why are we Putting for Dough…because although putting looks easy…it’s not for a lot of golfers.  Even the Pros have trouble putting…

Deanna Blair
Deanna Blair

Deanna Blair is the Marketing Director for I Putt Better, LLC.

Deanna has extensive experience i the Event Space as a business owner in the event, service and alcohol industry.

Deanna is also the founder of Spot the DOTSDeveloping. Optimal. Talents. Soulfully – Connecting minds, bodies, and souls for a healthier lifestyle. She helps people understand that MENTAL ILLNESS can be overcome by creating healthier lifestyles and eliminating hazardous toxins in our lives…we connect brighter minds, and better bodies to live the abundant life we are called for. She does this using Science-Based Evidence. Results are much happier, healthier life with less stress.

Deanna is a Certified Health Coach of the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute, along with an extended curriculum for adults and seniors on Prime-time health. she facilitates a Mental Health Family program twice a year to help families who are struggling with Mental Illness. She is also certified in Mental Health First Aid for Youth and Adults.

Erin Baer
Erin Baer

Erin Baer is the Exercise and Fitness Director for I Putt Better LLC.

Erin found her love for the game when she was just a toddler, when her first job was to set the ball on the tee for her father at the range.

Since falling in love with the game Erin played throughout high school earning the #1 spot each year (sophomore – senior year) and being recruited by Rockhurst University in 2001. After college, she went on to earn her MBA in hopes of landing a job in the golf industry. She wanted to show the golf industry that not only women belonged, but they could make a positive impact.

Erin’s passion for the game soon showed her that she belonged in the industry helping others master the game both on and off the course. Erin is a Golf Teaching Professional and Golf Fitness Specialist in Colorado. She understands that Golf is 90% mental but without mastering the 10% physical side of the game, your game can soon fall apart, and you will be frustrated. That’s where she comes in.

Erin helps you not only understand your swing but allows you to master it through golf instruction and a golf specific fitness program. By having an effective golf fitness program to compliment all the hard work you put into your golf game it will not only help your game it will also improve your overall health!