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Take Your Game to The Next Level, Receive Instant Feedback on Your Stroke, Take The Delta Putt Anywhere You Go, and Play on Virtually Any Flat Surface.

Golfers who are great putters give their full effort every time. They consider the two things that could happen—to make it or to miss it—and they practice hard enough to ensure that it is always the former.

There’s no reason you shouldn’t improve your putting. It’s the simplest swing you make. All you have to do is read the break, aim the face and start the ball on line. But too many golfers wonder why they don’t make more putts. The reason is, they do not practice, at least not well enough.

The DELTA PUTT is one of the best golf training kits there is, to help you take your game to the next level. Delta Putt is a golf training device designed to give you instant feedback on your stroke path and putter face position at impact. It is portable, easily carried anywhere you go and you can play on virtually any flat surface.

“The more I work and practice, the luckier I seem to get.” -Gary Player
“A good player who is a great putter is a match for any golfer. A great hitter who cannot putt is a match for no one.” -Ben Sayers
“Putting is like wisdom – partly a natural gift and partly the accumulation of experience.” -Arnold Palmer

Practice with The DELTA PUTT

The Delta Putt is a golf putting training device designed to give you instant feedback on your stroke path and putter face position at impact. It can be used anywhere, anytime on any flat surface from putting greens to carpet, hardwood, linoleum and synthetic practice mats. Use The Delta Putt at home, your office, when you travel or on the practice green before your round to confirm your perfect address and ball position to create a consistent, repeatable putting stroke on the course.

- Corey Milner

Most useful putting aid I’ve ever tried. Incredibly clever design, so simple that the value might not be obvious until you use it, but as soon as you do, boy oh boy. Useful for training but better still for testing, i.e. shows you immediately what your putter is doing. Ideal for comparing putters, the puck doesn’t lie. This is one of those ultra clever little things that should be in every club fitter and pro shop.

-Billy Gore,

Once I began playing with the Delta Putt, I quickly became sort of addicted – my first experience with the Delta Putt lasted more than 45 minutes! Strategy: The goal is to hit the puck straight every time, which is not easy as the puck has 3 sides – an Amateur, Pro and Tour side, with each progressive side getting more challenging. Once you get good at the Amateur side, you progress on to the Pro, and then the Tour (which I am still trying to master).

–Randy Kelly

With this product I know where the club hits the mat and realized how far off the mark I was. I improved as I practiced and I bought an extra one in case i wear out the first one. No more guessing about if you hit the right spot.

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